Psychotherapists and philosophers of the body and their subjectivities invite you to together discuss and propose possible solutions to the crisis we face in Brazil and in other countries that result in a chaotic or rigid situation in the family, individual, profession and society.


Mediator: Prof. Dr. José Alberto Cotta, PhD - Brazil 

Prof. Dr. Umberto Galimberti, PhD- Italy

Prof. Dr. Ivan Izquierdo, PhD - Brazil

Prof. Dr. Gilberto Safra, PhD- Brazil

Dr. Gabriel Graça de Oliveira, Phd - Brazil

Prof. Dr. Maurizio Stupiggia, PhD- Italy

Dra Marisa Correa da Silva, PhDBrazil

Prof. Dra Flavia Piovesan, PhD- Brazil

Prof. François Lewin- France

Prof. Menno de Lange- Holand

Profa. Rosanna de Sanctis- Italy

Psychoanalyst Wania Cidade- Brazil

Profa. Christiane Lewin- France

Prof. Dr. Rubens Kignel, PhD- Brazil

The event will occur on April 27, 28 and 29, 2018 at the UNIP (Unity Vergueiro) in São Paulo-SP.

On the 27th and 28th from 9am to 6pm there will be several conferences with the guests.

On the 29th, from 9am to 12pm there will be theoretical and experience workshops with: François Lewin and Christiane Lewin; Umberto Galimberti; Rosanna de Sanctis; Menno de Lange; José Cotta and Rubens Kignel.

Haverá tradução simultânea das conferências para inglês, francês e italiano

There will be simultaneous translation of the conferences into English, French and Italian

Ci sarà lá traduzione simultanea delle conferenze in inglese, francese e italiano

Il y aura traduction simultanée des conférences en anglais, français et italien


We value diversity and differences,
with them we learn and grow.

Let us make this encounter the difference that in fact makes a difference.